Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Reason For My Title Pearls In Kenya

I wanted to take a moment and explain the meaning of my blog title Pearls In Kenya. I am a southern woman through and through. I love my pearls and wear them with everything. However, I left my pearls behind in Nashville, TN. I'm replacing them with pearls that I find in Kenya. Not physical pearls mind you, but pearls of wisdom (although I might pick up a pair of physical pearls here never know). These will be pearls from God and pearls I've gained from the unique and special Kenyan culture. I want readers to learn about the true Kenya and the true Africa that I've grown to love over the past four and a half years. I've been here less than two weeks, and I can already say the title of this blog rings true every single day. I invite you to stay tuned and go on this journey alongside God and I.

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